A&F Consulting Engineers LLP offers a small team of dedicated, experienced, and qualified civil and structural engineers.

We present economic, environmental and technically feasible solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems. Our consultants promptly seek efficient options from a multidisciplinary approach. 

Our consultation will guide your unique vision to a design, from which your ideas will materialise. If you prefer, we can also organise the construction, making sure every details is correct. 

Alternatively we can comment or report on particular concerns, such as structural or environmental issues. 

All our work is thoroughly recorded and kept in a permanent archive, so that your land or property development ideas over many years are retained, safe in the knowledge that one of your previous work will be lost.

We provide a no-obligation quote for your needs.


Contact us today to have a chat with our consultants and see what we can do for you.

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  • Structural Services & Design

  • Civil Engineering

  • Flood Risk Assessments

  • Flood Protection Services & Design

  • Contaminated Land Reports 

  • Building & Planning Permission

  • Land Drainage

  • Drainage Design (surface water and foul)

  • Expert Witness

  • Information Technology

  • Waste Management Studies

  • Mechanical Services & Design

  • Electrical Services & Design

  • Research

  • Alternative Technologies (wind, water, solar)

  • Site Supervision

  • Environmental Studies

  • Other Specialist Consultancy Services



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A Flood Risk Assessments (FRA)

may be required with a planning application.

We can prepare FRA

and complete Drainage Designs.

FRA are integral component of our methodology.

Our FRA are compliance with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), and can include

the Sequential and Exception Tests if required. 

We have a proven successful track record. 

All our FRA are cost effective

and timely in delivery.

We always include site visit, and provide supporting services such as photography, research, level surveys and historic details

relating to your site.



Structural Calculations include a range of services specifically to addressing critical client needs.

These may include:

  • Building Modifications and Extensions

  • Foundation design

  • Embankment design

  • Bridges & Culverts design

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Specialist Structures 

We ca provide free no obligation quotation for any enquiries. All structural services are available with formal certification if required. 


Flood Protection is important for many people throughout the world. Most population centres are located on flood plains. 

Flood plains offer improved opportunities for people, business, flora and fauna. A & F Consulting Engineers LLP present solutions enabling all interests to work sustainably together. 

Our expertise areas are:

  • Internal Drainage Boards

  • Main Rivers (Environment Agency)

  • Estuaries

  • Coastal Flood Protection

  • Ports

  • Parish and Town Councils

  • Private Damage Concerns

  • Expert Witness (Legal)


Flood Risk Assessments can be carried out identifying potential problems for new developments.


Structural Surveys are often necessary if you want to buy a property and a mortgage is required. 

A full structural survey is the most comprehensive type of building survey available.


As fully qualified engineers we will carry out a detailed visual survey of the property,

and include all structural elements of the building.


Our structural surveys are non-destructive and non-intrusive, include: 

  • Making a visual appraisal of the external elevations of the property along with the internal structure, including the roof space.

  • Commenting on the general condition of the building fabric, its component parts (walls, roof and floors) and any distortion caused by settlement or on-going structural problems.

  • Identifying any obvious internal modifications and any external influences which may affecting the property, i.e. nearby watercourse, trees and shrubs.

  • Commenting on any obvious rising and penetrating damp problems and works required to bring the property up to standard..

Rocks in Desert


A Contaminated Land Report

may be required 

with a planning application.

We can prepare Phase 1 reports

to identify contamination risks

on  a potential development site.

Our Contamination Assessments

are compliance with

National Planning Policy Framework (NPFF)

and include compliance with

BS10175 Code of Practice for the Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Sites

and a conceptual site model.

Each Contamination Assessment is

unique to your site and includes

a detailed examination of

the relevant planning authority's

guidance or advice.



Land drainage is a vital component of site management. Mostly land drainage benefits farmers who want to prevent saturated soils drowning crop roots, although other applications are for residential developments, estates, community centres, industry and business.

Flood Risk Assessments are an integral component of our methodology.

A & F designed channels and structures are planned to manage typical drainage requirements as well as extreme flash flooding events. Solutions are environmentally sensitive, enabling all interests to work sustainably together. 


Expertise areas are:

  • Services Provision for Internal Drainage Boards

  • Farms, Residential Developments and Estates

  • Environmental

  • Local Authority and Highway Projects

  • Private Drainage, Industrial and Business Concerns

  • Expert Witness

  • Securing Government Funding and Support 


Drainage Design, along with Flood Risk Assessments, can be a vital component of a planning application.


Percolation tests, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), and associated calculations 

can be included if required.

Our channels and drainage designs are planned to manage typical drainage requirements

as well as extreme flash flooding events.


Our solutions are environmentally sensitive

enabling all interests to work sustainably together.



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