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Engineers: Chartered, Civil, Structural
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The coastline affects all of us in some way, from the food we eat, to livelihoods, a holiday or a day trip.

As Consultant Engineers, we have been involved with a variety of coastal engineering projects, including technical studies, environmental studies, preliminary investigations, associated schemes, and full defence schemes.

We can guide your sea defence needs from conception to final implementation, including all necessary approvals, licenses and consents.

We are also experts on port facilities, including port layouts, navigational equipment, roads, bridges, cranes, jetties, specialist structures and security.

Our staff are also familiar with desalination water treatment and offshore projects.


Coastal and riverine processes interact to create varied environments, which we describe as estuarine.

Estuaries have a unique role in water and land use, they combine periodic flooding with temporary land form. Often the banks of major rivers have flood protection barriers, which protect the land behind and enable land development. We are able to assist with any aspect of estuarine civil engineering projects.

Some of our previous work includes:
  • flood risk assessments
  • estuary strategy development
  • flood defence works & tidal barriers
  • port asset surveys
  • estuarine health & safety issues
  • environmental monitoring & assignments
  • navigational asset surveys
  • emergency management

In addition to these, we are able to assist with:
  • estuarine legal concerns
  • new port constructions
  • one off detailed studies

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Engineers: Chartered, Civil,
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