Engineers: Chartered, Civil, Structural & Systems I.T.

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Engineers: Chartered, Civil, Structural
& Systems I.T.


Some of the services we provide include
  • Feasibility & preliminary studies
  • Site & ground investigations
  • Consultation & design
  • Scheme specifications
  • Site supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Surveys
Feasibility and preliminary studies are where an idea for a building or development is investigated, to see how worthwhile it would be in comparison to alternative ideas. We will help you consider your options and suggest alternatives you may not have considered.

We will also look into the practical and legal implications of any proposed ideas.

We have helped clients in the following projects:-
  • loft conversions, various extensions,
  • new buildings, factory & office developments,
  • modular building systems,
  • dock facilities, roads, railways and bridges and many other land development projects.



Structural Surveys
A structural survey is required by most people during their lives. It is normally needed before someone purchases a house, so that any building defects are brought to light, hence, reducing the risk to buyers.

Our small team of qualified staff are able to produce, throughout the UK, structural surveys, which are valid for all banking and building society requirements.

Other Structural Reports
Structural reports and calculations may also be required for a variety of other reasons:-
  • foundation design
  • new buildings
  • extensions
  • factory modifications
  • machinery changes & improvements
  • roofs
  • bridges
  • fire damage
  • earthquake & flood damage
  • swimming pools & other specialist structures

We include snow, wind and normal loads in our calculations, or if you prefer we can produce specialist reports; tailored for your own requirements.

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Engineers: Chartered, Civil,
Structural & Systems I.T.